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Khaled Abdullah Al-Muraikhi Law Firm and Legal Consultations works in accordance with Qatari laws in the field of law and legal advice. The office provides legal services to local and international companies, as well as institutions and individuals in various legal fields and before all courts in the State of Qatar of all types and degrees.

Our Mission

Our office also provides all services in the field of companies, including but not limited to: commercial agreements and contracts, distribution, commercial law, merger and acquisition, issuance of licenses and approvals for opening branches, trademark registration, registration and production of intellectual property rights and trademarks, debt and tax recovery, alternative solutions For the settlement of disputes, including arbitration and mediation

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About the Management

The office includes a distinguished elite of consultants specialized in drafting legal memorandums. The office also includes (4) lawyers registered with the Qatari Ministry of Justice to appear before all Qatari courts, as well as a lawyer who speaks English and French languages, in order to facilitate communication and ensure that clients are assured of their work and interests. entrusted to us, in addition to lawyers specialized in following up the police and prosecution departments and the Department of Execution of Judgments, in addition to the secretarial work team and the administrative department

Social Responsibility Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

The office's vision and mission

Community awareness has developed in recent years of the importance of the lawyer and his role in Qatari and Arab society; This appears tangibly for the public and the private; Whereas, not one of the main roads in the Qatari capital and its suburbs is devoid of a sign referring to a “Lawyer’s Office”.

This wide spread of law firms; It is only a reflection of the increasing demand for the services provided by these offices and community awareness of their importance and the importance of the role of the lawyer, thus creating a competitive environment in order to provide the best legal service to all segments of society.

However, in the lawyer community; The issue is not only measured by competitiveness and material profit resulting from the law of supply and demand; This is because the legal profession is not a commercial profession and from this point of view; The idea emerged that it could be applied to the theory of “social responsibility” to “law firms”, that responsibility that can be defined as “a moral theory that requires any individual or entity to have among its goals work for the benefit of society as a whole, with the aim of achieving the maximum possible and sustainable benefit for this society.” In a way that directly or indirectly contributes to achieving its goals and ambitions.” and on the basis of the individual or entity taking that responsibility and carrying it out; Its value and importance in society are measured.

Through the realistic application of the theory of “Social Responsibility for Law Firms”, we can make the work team fully aware of all the emerging requirements and challenges and the development facing the Qatari society, through legal education and the development of electronic court programs and systems in line with the requirements and needs of society. Legal and legal.

On the other hand, to give a helping hand; For those in necessary and urgent need for legal assistance and support, from all members of society who prove their inability to bear the burdens and expenses of requesting and following up on legal services; So that this is reflected in showing the symbiotic role and social responsibility of law firms and maximizing the value of the law firm as an influential and effective entity in society.


Our Clients Our Clients

Our Clients

We have gained the trust of many local and international companies, as well as a group of members of the Qatari community

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    Office location: The office is characterized by a privileged location in the Qatari capital - Doha - Al Sadd area

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      Al Sadd 39 - Retaj Administrative Building - Joaan Street 809 - Ground Floor - Office 16

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      (+974) 44115354
      (+974) 30037541

    Our Team Our Team

    We have the most experienced lawyers.

    Khaled Abdullah Issa Al-Muraikhi

    Head of the Office - Cassation Lawyer

    Ahmed Mohamed Sadeq

    Director of the Office - High Court of Appeal

    Ahmed Sayed Ali

    High Appeal Lawyer

    Nader Zaki

    High Appeal Lawyer

    Maged Medhat

    High Appeal Lawyer

    Mohamed El Shahat

    Communication Officer