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Real Estate Disputes

Our office is considered one of the most important leading law firms in this regard, because the real estate business environment in the State of Qatar is a vital and active sector that is characterized by continuous change and development in terms of the legal and legislative fields regulating it, and for this reason the office of Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Muraikhi for Advocates and Legal Consultations dedicates a significant part of time and human resources to ensure that all our clients involved in this vital sector obtain a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the latest developments In this sector, achieving legal protection for them and securing them when concluding real estate agreements, which is one of the most complex types of contracts from a legal point of view, but thanks to a team of legal advisors and lawyers specialized in this field who have extensive experience and the highest levels of skill and training, which gives them the ability to draft, edit and review Real estate contracts and real estate development effectively and successfully. We are proud to provide our legal expertise and integrated services to the largest multinational companies and institutions in this field.

Our services provided to companies and institutions include, but are not limited to, drafting and editing agreements, reviewing real estate contracts and environmental agreements, providing real estate tax advice, financing and real estate development agreements, and settling real estate disputes.