Intellectual Property – Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Muraikhi

Intellectual Property

Protecting your business is the most important thing you need to do on the road to success, and for this reason intellectual property protection law is very important and we recognize its importance throughout our practices. Our friends advise on image brand protection, brand and trademark disputes, registration and litigation around trademark and intellectual property rights, copyright infringement, antitrust, patent law, and design rights. Recently, we have provided advice to many well-known international organizations on trademark registration and copyright violations, which enabled us to make significant changes for our clients in the Qatari market.

We are proud of the team in our office that works in the field of intellectual rights, which is considered one of the best in this field in the region, as they take their responsibilities seriously, benefiting from their knowledge and any opportunity to show that the client’s request is a priority for us while protecting the local and international business.