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Labor Issues

In view of the growing development in the State of Qatar, which is characterized by steady growth rates and rapid development, we have paid special attention to this sector to help them observe the laws and regulations. And since any institution wants to achieve success in its business, it must first achieve success by adhering to employment laws, and accordingly, Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Muraikhi Law Firm and Consultations provides legal support to its clients by providing accurate legal advice that contributes to supporting their legal status. In addition to this, our office drafts and prepares internal regulations and employment contracts, and draws the attention of our clients to some issues.

Labor laws are of great importance with regard to the development of organizations and adherence to contractual agreements and their articles as an essential part of the work. It is expected that 2.5 million workers will come to Qatar in the year 2020 to work in various sectors in order to contribute to the development of the country. Accordingly, we are always keen to communicate with our customers to raise awareness about the laws issued and the direct and indirect effects of the contractual relationship between them and their employees.