Commercial Lawsuits – Khaled Bin Abdullah Al Muraikhi

Commercial Lawsuits

The office of Khaled Abdullah Al-Muraikhi Law Firm and Legal Consultations is one of the oldest and largest leading Qatari legal offices in the commercial and corporate fields, and we provide legal services through our commercial law department, which provides exceptional services in this field. This requires us to engage more deeply in the business of our customers in order to obtain a clear perception of their needs and provide the best services designed to be suitable for all customers

Our services in the field of companies include, but are not limited to: 

  • Reviewing commercial agreements and contracts, 
  • Distribution, commercial law, merger and acquisition, 
  • Issuance of licenses and approvals to open branches, 
  • Trademark registration, 
  • Registration and production of intellectual property rights and trademarks, 
  • Debt and tax recovery, 
  • Alternative solutions to settlement Disputes including arbitration and mediation